Stability, Clarity &
– for a Fresh Start

Trying to “bounce back” from depletion and confusion after unthinkable loss, betrayal, misfortune or mistake? 

Here’s the truth: There’s no going back.
It’s time to get real–and move FORWARD!

MEET Niika Quistgard

“As a young, idealistic woman, I never imagined I’d experience–and need to recover from–the terrible challenges I’d eventually have to face. Even my fortunate background rich in exposure to philosophy, psychology, yoga, meditation and natural healing could not fully prepare me for the deep depletion and dryness of spirit that invaded my heart after my only child lost both legs to amputation in a tragic accident, my cherished adopted brother and business companion suddenly dropped dead in his forties, then my son’s long journey through depression and addiction seemed to squeeze every drop of vitality out of me.

I learned how important it was to “get real” and stop dismissing my needs. I couldn’t just wait for my vitality and life to magically repair and spring forward on their own. I needed real revival.

Niika Quistgard is a well-known expert on Ayurveda and healing design, relying on Nature’s living systems as her guide for all her work.  

Niika is frequently featured in media like the YogaLand Podcast and Yoga Journal Magazine.

Niika is familiar with the immediate and long-term impacts experienced when the unthinkable happens. Her only child lost both legs to amputation in a tragic motorcycle accident at age 19, followed by life-threatening confusion, depression and opiate addiction for many years, an enormous challenge for any mom.

Niika founded and directed world-class Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women ––a residential hospital in Kerala, South India––to provide healing and education to women of all nationalities. The sudden death of the clinic’s manager––also her beloved adopted brother––forced its closure.

Through her life-long study of Nature’s living systems and the practical application of ancient wisdom, Niika loves using simple, enjoyable ways to restore herself––and other women, too––from the depletion of loss and lostness to a fresh sweetness, fulfillment and positive power that impacts our world.

She guides women to experience their own vital renewal through her transformative program, Juicy Revival.

After too much loss and disappointment, I felt like an old dead husk. I had no life left in me, I suffered pain and anxiety, and my life lacked meaning and direction. I  couldn’t seem to move forward.

Within two weeks of starting Juicy Revival with Niika, I felt more stable, more like myself. What a relief! I started to feel my appetite for life again, and even enjoyed unexpectedly sweet, peaceful moments I wasn’t expecting.

Soon, I was feeling dependably alive again. I starting making decisions and taking action to start a new–yes, juicy!– future I’m honestly excited about.

Deb W,  ~Mother & Marketing Consultant